Confused how to control your mind, thoughts and emotions?

There are many techniques to practice control over your most faithful servant but the most terrible master.

That’s right. Our mind is the most faithful servant, whatever we order it follows blindly but does not have the power to make decisions on its own,so it is a terrible master.

As a result of which whatever we give your focus to it grows.

You may practice controlling your mind by consciously monitoring your thoughts.

Keep a track of what is going in your mind. If you feel you are thinking something that doesn’t serve you, change your actions, change your thoughts.

Listen to your favorite music, dance if you feel like, do whatever can put you in a positive vibration.


Universe speaks by way of dreams

Dreams are the reflection of our subconcious mind’s pattern.

Now, as we know what we think becomes our reality. Let’s dig deep into it.

The belief patterns and habits embedded in our mind creates action towards our life.

Read the above statement and try to understand how does it impact your life.

Our mind and thoughts are the only responsible factors to shape our life.

Thoughts and perception

Hello folks,

In my last write up I introduced you with the importance of EMOTIONS i.e Energy In Motion.

Let’s connect the dots even further to understand our true power.

We all think that our life is controlled by an invisible driving force know as GOD.

Do we  know that GOD the driving force of our life exists within us?

Yes you read it right.

You are the controlling force of your life.

Since we know our Emotions creates Vibrations that we emit in the Universe, we should know what creates our Emotions.

Our THOUGHTS and PERCEPTION of things and events happening in our life impacts our E-motions.

For example:- if you see a rich person and you think he/she is born with a silver spoon in mouth. However, this is just a matter of luck. Not everyone can get this legacy.

This was a thought came for a person living in abundance. However, this created a feeling of lack which made u feel unlucky or u feel depressed or not worthy etc.

As a result of which we are emitting same(low) vibrations in the Universe.

What if we change our dimension of this perception and praise the person living in abundance or having the beautiful life which you also desire.

Praising others and showing gratitude simply creates positive vibrations within and around us.

To feel the difference you should follow this exercise:-

Now when you meet any person who is rich or has got something which you desire of having in your life,  instead of being jealous or envious start praising that person for the thing or the relationship or any achievement they have acheived in their life. You will instantly notice the difference in your vibrations and the person you are praising will also be happy and will think good thoughts for you.

This is how the Universe works. We should always remember that we all are related to each other. A ray of positivity may change our perception, which will result in changing our thought patterns and eventually new experiences will fall in place.



We make continuos efforts to improve our Life Experiences. But do we ever think what is the influencing factor along with our efforts to make things happen, to acheive the impossible.

Yes, we as humans have got the power to acheive anything we want in life!!

  • “You may have, achieve or do anythig you hold in your mind- Abhraham hicks”

This website is all about the unexplored immense potential of our mind to live a dream life.

We have always been conditioned by the society, our parents, siblings,freinds etc, that we need to work really hard to acheive the desired results. However, if one really works hard, it only brings anxiety, frustration, fear and anger on the tables as a result of which struggle with our desire increases and as the struggle increases our desires get away from us.

Here on this page, I am trying to help others understanding some of the universal laws which will completely give a new direction to life.

This huge energy ball known as UNIVERSE, has got some laws, since we are a part of this enegry ball we are also effected positively or negativiely depending on our thoughts, feelings and emotions by the universal laws.


Let’s understand and know the hidden power within us, to create a beautiful world ahead!!!!!